Z dniem 15 lipca 2020r. PMWSZ w Opolu zostanie włączona do Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Tym samym kandydaci będą kandydatami Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Warunki rekrutacji na studia na rok akademicki 2020/2021 mogą ulec zmianie po 15 lipca 2020r; ale wymagania rekrutacyjne pozostają bez zmian.

Deklaracja Polityki Erasmus - Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS)


Opole Medical School (PMWSZ) is an international state high school founded with the approval of Polish Government in 2003.

PMWSZ is open not only to Polish students but also to students from other nationalities. We see rising number of students mainly from Ukraine. International mobility provided widely by Erasmus Programme will result in promotion of Polish language, culture and European values in our region. PMWSZ’s international cooperation includes the exchange with universities of the European Union, South-Eastern Europe and the United States. Our university want to participate in international mobility in different geographical areas. As a result, we do would like to cooperate with foreign universities with a similar education profile. One of the deciding factors in the selection of partners universities is the language area in which the partner institution is located. In accordance with the language policy of PMWSZ, we offer courses of German, English and Russian languages. The cooperation is being started by the International Office of PMWSZ and the Erasmus Coordinator. The selection of the foreign partners is made by the Institutes of PMWSZ, after appropriate studying offer of a partner university. That will allow our students and staff to benefit efficiently from the mobility within the framework of Erasmus Programme after the cooperation agreement is signed. An important element of mutual cooperation is the exchange of teaching and administrative staff within partner institutions. As a result, PMWSZ and partner universities could monitor the quality of work of the International Office of the partner institutions and partner’s educational activity. PMWSZ cooperates with its partner universities from European Union (Belgium, Germany, Greece) and also with HEI from Turkey, Ukraine and United States.

The main objectives of the international exchange are:

  • to increase the mobility of young people in Opolskie voivodeship,
  • to promote learning of European languages, especially English and German.

Those goals will have its contribution to increase the competitiveness of PMWSZ graduates in the European labour market. It will also lead to further opening of those graduates to cultural and ethical diversity and to more widespread promoting of Polish language, culture and history.
PMWSZ offers 1st cycle studies in the fields of Cosmetology and Obstetrics and 1st and 2nd cycle studies in the field of Physiotherapy and Nursing. Because of that, PMWSZ focuses on international exchange for students of the early years of higher education. By offering studies of only medical fields, we would like to increase the interest of that type of studies among high school graduates, which will surely lead to better quality of the medical care in Poland and may result in development of new medical procedures. This will enable more widespread cooperation between business and education, which is very important in the modernization of our region and country.

For PMWSZ it is very important to promote mobility among scientists, teachers and administrative staff, i.e. persons who participate in international scientific research projects and staff working with youth from abroad hosted at PMWSZ. It will also mainly affect the quality of teaching of the persons actively participating in the international cooperation. It will also surely have influence on the growing importance of the internationalization of our University and will be a motivation for the teaching and administrative staff to develop language skills.

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