Z dniem 15 lipca 2020r. PMWSZ w Opolu zostanie włączona do Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Tym samym kandydaci będą kandydatami Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Warunki rekrutacji na studia na rok akademicki 2020/2021 mogą ulec zmianie po 15 lipca 2020r; ale wymagania rekrutacyjne pozostają bez zmian.

Opole Medical School (PMWSZ)

Opole Medical School (PMWSZ) were appointed with the Act dated on 26th June 1997, as the essential element of the education system at the highest level in Poland. The educators, forwarding the Act, intended to bring to life Higher Schools which will be able to meet the requirements of the local job market quickly, professionally, and effectively. The schools are to educate specialists in desired subjects at BA and MSc levels as well as engineers.

PMWSZ is the most modern Medical School in the region.

Our mission:

  • Professional education of medical, non-doctor and paramedics  students.
  • Education according to the ethic, social, moral and legal rules.
  • Promotion and development of academic and medical staff as well as their research.
  • Promotion of health in the society.


Accreditation standards required in the field of material base, necessary to conduct the didactic process at medical studies, are very high. Therefore, the didactic base is being constantly modernized to fulfil the requirements our students need to face at the job market. Only high quality ensures proper standards of academic and professional education as well as the School’s attractiveness.

Our Students:

There are 1300 students currently being educated at Opole Public Medical Higher Professional School, and the total number of graduates in the years of 2013 – 2014 was 5600.

Every year the admissions shows that the School enjoys continuous preoccupation of secondary schools’ graduates, as it guarantees attractive and competitive profession in the medical job market.

Students’ Academic Associations:

In the academic year of 2014-2015 we have 15 different Student Academic Associations. Students’ academic development, especially achieved through scientific research, putting theory into practice, is one of the priorities in educating professional medical staff. 13 students of Physiotherapy have been awarded the science scholarship of the Ministry of Science and High Education for their outstanding academic and scientific achievements. These students also win the highest prizes at the local, national and international conferences for presenting their works.

We are active:

Opole Medical School supports its staff in their academic development. In the last 5 years 5 employees have achieve MD degree, 4 employees have been awarded PhD title and 1 has become a professor. The employees also win other significant prizes such as The Prize of the Opolskie Voivodship Marshal called ‘Professor Opoliensis’, the prize for ‘The Success of the Year in Health Prevention – The Leaders of Medicine’, the medal of Polish Medical Association ‘Gloria Medecinae’, the prizes from The Ministry of Science and High Education,  one of employees has got the scholarship from the Polish-American Fulbright Committee.

Opole Medical School is located in the centre of Opole city and its total area is 7500 m2 of which 3900 m2 is didactic. Together with the modern head building and restored dormitory, it has attractive green areas with parking lots and internal roads.

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