Z dniem 15 lipca 2020r. PMWSZ w Opolu zostanie włączona do Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Tym samym kandydaci będą kandydatami Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Warunki rekrutacji na studia na rok akademicki 2020/2021 mogą ulec zmianie po 15 lipca 2020r; ale wymagania rekrutacyjne pozostają bez zmian.

International Office

The International Office is responsible for international cooperation and bilateral agreements between the PMWSZ and partner institutions around the world. It promotes the School at the international arena, supplies the students and teaching staff with up-to-date information on available offers, programmes  and exchange opportunities. PMWSZ is planning to extend the cooperation with universities in Europe, and establish the cooperation with universities in America and Asia.

The International Office provides a range of documentation, statistics and general information on studying abroad for the benefit of students. Its duty is to disseminate information on teachers and administrative workers exchange programs as well. The European development projects are carried out through the organized meetings with the authorities of the Schools’ Departments and, as also, by distribution of relevant information on the subject, mainly through the Newsletter brochure.

One of the International Office tasks is to constantly update the inner regulations of the Erasmus+ programme (application forms, agreements, guides, etc.).

Additionally, International Office provides cultural information alongside with a range of activities in order to help new students adapt to their new environment and fully integrate into School life.

The Rector of PMWSZ will designate appropriate employees from School’s Departments and administration units with the knowledge of foreign language (i.e. English, German, Russian) to help with domestication in the School and, as also, within our city.

All the students admitted to PMWSZ within the framework of the Erasmus exchange programme are given help in finding suitable and affordable accommodation. In addition, all such students receive ongoing administrative and social support during their period of study at the School. Equally high level of support is provided to teachers visiting the School under the exchange programme.

Thanks to the concentrated character of the School campus, students can fix all the things with administration and / or with the School’s Departments in one place.

The communication between the School and students is available via phone and email. Students have the possibility to participate in many activities and can have influence on the decisions made by the PMWSZ authorities. They can come with the initiative to do something by themselves or be invited by appropriate Department authorities, which come with different types of actions.


Contact us International Office:
mgr Małgorzata Żytkiewicz
Head of the International Relations Department
Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator
Justyna Przybylak
Assistant of the International Relations Department
Tel: +48 77 44 23 511
Tel: +48 77 44 23 539
Opole Medical School
68 Katowicka St.
45-060 Opole, Poland
Opole Medical School
68 Katowicka St.
45-060 Opole, Poland
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