Language Policy

Opole Medical School (PMWSZ) offers classes of foreign language in order to promote active exchange with foreign partners.

PMWSZ tries to support students interested in exchange that need additional language learning, by offering them additional language courses allowing them to attain the necessary level of linguistic proficiency to study abroad. Before the participation of Erasmus exchange, student's language skills are verified by Erasmus Coordinator of PMWSZ.

For incoming students for Erasmus exchange (and all foreign students) PMWSZ offers classes of English and Polish.

Erasmus students (and all foreign students) are not only taught Polish language but they also gain assistance of a translator during administrative and medical procedures for the whole stay at PMWSZ.

For all of our students and staff PMWSZ in Opole provide:

  • Linguistic consultations and support;
  • Opportunity to participate in language courses;
  • Access to the literature given in Polish, English, Russian, French and Latin  in the PMWSZ library;
  • Availability of classes according to the agreed language path for the incoming students;
  • Provision of integration of lectures of incoming academic staff in the institution’s program.

We provide the Incoming International Students with the assistance of Polish students, which usually covers: meeting the student at the station, help with finding the Dormitory and check in, common meetings and integration.

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