Z dniem 15 lipca 2020r. PMWSZ w Opolu zostanie włączona do Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Tym samym kandydaci będą kandydatami Uniwersytetu Opolskiego. Warunki rekrutacji na studia na rok akademicki 2020/2021 mogą ulec zmianie po 15 lipca 2020r; ale wymagania rekrutacyjne pozostają bez zmian.

Learning Agreement (LA)

Learning Agreement (LA)

A “Learning Agreement” sets out the programme of studies/traineeship to be followed and is approved by the student, the sending and the receiving institution/enterprise.

This document confirms your choice of courses that are to be completed at Opole Medical School (PMWSZ). The Learning Agreement puts its emphasis on the thorough preparation of the mobility by including all the educational components/learning outcomes for the future recognition as well as the required language competence of the student. Besides your personal data, it should contain the list of courses you will be completing, with their ECTS values and signatures.

30 ECTS credits is the minimum, but picking less courses is sometimes possible. You ought to have two copies of your agreement – one for each school. The person accepting your Learning Agreement is specified by the internal procedures of your school. Modifications to your Learning Agreement are possible. It’s also not a bad idea to attend a few lectures you considered before but haven’t signed in your Learning Agreement. They might turn out more interesting than the ones you chose. Have in mind, that each change in your Learning Agreement must be accepted by Your school and PMWSZ Erasmus Coordinator.

All three parties signing the agreement commit themselves complying with all the arrangements agreed, thereby insuring that the student should receive the recognition for the studies/traineeship abroad.

Passing all the exams you have put in your Learning Agreement means you get all the ECTS credits for these courses and your Transcript of Records it is the perfect copy of your Learning Agreement. This allows students to avoid annoying problems with your home university about the courses and the exams that can be accepted and transferred into your study career.

The Erasmus Coordinator (International Office at Opole Medical School) manages the procedures involving: settling the list of courses/traineeship taken by student at foreign Institution (number of ECTS points), signing the Learning/Training Agreement between OMS, foreign Institution and the student, preparing of the Transcript of Records and Diploma Supplement, as well as the required language competence of the student (language test before and after mobility).

Moreover the Erasmus Coordinator manages the inter-institutional collaboration and the mobility of staff:  preparation of documents for staff teaching and training programs, recognition of achievements.

DOCLearning Agreement for studies!.doc PDFLearning Agreement for studies!.pdf

DOCLearning Agreement for traineeships!.doc PDFLearning Agreement for traineeships!.pdf

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